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Weir Legal and Consulting was established by Bronwyn Weir. Bronwyn has practised for over 20 years representing government regulators and individuals facing regulatory actions. She has a strong reputation in providing compliance and enforcement advice and helping regulators enhance their regulatory practices.

Regulators are expected to deliver effective regulatory practice through risk-based, proportionate approaches. These expectations can come in the form of Ministerial Statements of Expectations and Department or government led regulatory practice frameworks such as the Commonwealth’s Regulator Performance Framework. Contemporary regulatory practice calls for sophisticated, intelligence led decision making and proactive, strategic planning to manage risk and identify emerging risks.

Bronwyn understands these expectations and has worked with regulators to achieve their aspirations as effective, consistent and transparent regulators. She brings to this work, decades of experience in the operational practices of regulators enabling her to understand the strengths, weakness and challenges faced by regulators on a day to day basis.

Weir Legal and Consulting can advise on legal matters concerning regulation and enforcement and consult on practice, policy and procedure enhancement. We can act for government but also advise regulated entities and private individuals on regulatory matters.

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Building confidence: A report for the Building Ministers’ Forum in Australia has spearheaded efforts to reform regulation and improve safety

In September 2017, Prof. Peter Shergold and I were commissioned by the Australian Building Ministers’ Forum (BMF) to assess the country’s building regulation systems. The BMF, which comprises state, territory and national ministers responsible for policy and regulation in building and construction, had recognised that inappropriate use of combustible cladding was prevalent in the industry. […]

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Is it time for governments to remove the mandatory professional indemnity insurance requirements for building surveyors?

There was a lot of press during 2019 about the state of the professional indemnity insurance (PII) market in Australia for private building surveyors (also known as building certifiers). We heard of soaring premiums, reduced coverage, increases in excess and the introduction of cladding exclusions. Some insurers pulled out of the market and toward the […]

Better Buildings & Consumer Protection

This article was first published in the AIBS Building Surveyor magazine issue 2/2019 How do we regulate so that buildings get built properly? AND What do we do to protect consumers when buildings are not built properly? The above two questions are at the heart of recent discussions about the state of Australia’s buildings. Sometimes […]