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Weir Legal and Consulting was established in 2017 by Bronwyn Weir.  We have a strong reputation for providing legal advice on all aspects of regulatory law and government decision making.  Our consultancy services are aimed at helping regulators enhance their regulatory practices through the development of robust decision making frameworks and tools.

We see ‘Regulators’ as any entity or body that is given a power or function under law to make decisions which affect the rights of individuals or businesses.  Regulators are commonly thought of as government bodies that oversee and administer compliance with laws, but there are many government bodies that make decisions that affect the rights of others or have powers to compel people to act in a certain way.  There are also many regulatory frameworks which include ‘outsourced’ regulatory functions where private business or individuals can be appointed to exercise statutory functions.

Weir Legal and Consulting act for all kinds of regulators across a range of sectors.  We have experience with dozens of regulatory frameworks and regulators.  We understand that regulators are expected to deliver effective regulatory practice through risk-based, intelligence led, proportionate approaches.  These expectations can come in the form of Ministerial Statements of Expectations, Department or government led regulatory practice frameworks and sometimes following a review by an ombudsman or audit body.  Contemporary regulatory practice calls for sophisticated, intelligence led decision making and proactive, strategic planning to manage risk and identify emerging risks.

Weir Legal and Consulting understand these expectations and have worked with regulators to achieve their aspirations as effective, consistent and transparent regulators.  We bring to this work, decades of experience in the operational practices of regulators enabling us to understand the strengths, weakness and challenges faced by regulators on a day to day basis.

Weir Legal and Consulting can advise on legal matters concerning regulation and enforcement and consult on practice, policy and procedure enhancement.  We act for government but also advise regulated entities, industry and professional associations and private individuals on regulatory matters.

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WA – Recommendations for reforms to building regulation released in December 2023

Western Australia Recommendations for reforms to building regulation released in December 2023 In late December 2023, the WA government published recommendations for reforms to the state’s building regulatory regime.  The details of the recommendations are set out in over 350 pages of a Decision Regulatory Impact Statement entitled Building Better: Reforms to WA’s Building Regulatory […]


The ACT government introduces significant reforms directed at improving outcomes for consumers purchasing new homes in the ACT. Today, the ACT Government introduced the Property Developers Bill 2003 into Parliament. The Bill will implement the Territory’s 2019 policy to licence property developers involved in the construction of residential buildings, making it the first jurisdiction in […]

Casenote: City of Port Phillip v Shout Rock Cafes Pty. Ltd. [2023] VSCA 327

21 December 2023 On 19 December 2023, the Victorian Court of Appeal handed down its decision in the appeal by City of Port Phillip (Council) against the decision of the Supreme Court which set aside a Building Order – Minor Works (BOMW) issued by Council.  The Court of Appeal’s judgement in this long-running matter analyses […]